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About well, nobody's done anything here for awhile....

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Belanna turned, panting, eyes wild with fear. They were surrounding her. There was nothing she could do, no where to go. She'd been pushed up against the wall, three guns leveled at her head. The S^E^T's that was chasing her where androgenous. The figure who appeared to be leading was taller then she was, which was saying something. It's face was obscured by a mask, full face, that probably provided protection against anything she'd be able to throw it's way. The Leader wasn't the only one to worry about either. Two slightly smaller figures, though, she was certain, no less dangerous, had equally nasty looking guns pointed at her head. "Things do not look good...why in the name of the Gods did I have to take that blasted parcel?" She thought to herself, certain it would be her last though.
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Date:July 14th, 2003 02:04 pm (UTC)

this is far too long sorry

Just then a rock hit the leader in the back of the head, the three of them turned their heads,
still pointing their guns at the girl. A young man emerged from the shadows, holding
several more rocks, he pelted one at the shortest of the S.E.T's, hitting the masked figure
roughly on the shoulder. He threw several more rocks each smacking painfully at their
targets "Take care of him will you?" came an aggitated voice from behind the lead
S.E.T's mask. The two short S.E.T's walked toward the man, pointing their guns towards
him now. He ran around the corner and as they turned to follow he threw several more
rocks, and then grinning he produced several small knives from inside his jacket. One
S.E.T yelped in pain and dropped his gun. The man lunged for it and pointed it at the
other, he smirked and dropped the gun as he swiftly flung another knife at his oponent
who clutched his neck and fell to the ground. He walked back to where the girl had been,
he found nothing more than an unconcious S.E.T, “Well that was fun.” he said cheerily
and turned to leave.
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