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to break the routine of nothing... - all for the love of drabbles

About to break the routine of nothing...

Previous Entry to break the routine of nothing... Jul. 19th, 2003 @ 12:05 am
The ice was quite pretty, sparkling in the sunlight. Julie loved the winter. The festivities, the lights, the excitement. She loved the soft feeling of snow flakes on her face. She loved how as the air became chillier, people's hearts warmed. It was her favourite part of the year and cherished every bit of it, even something as silly as ice. The ball rang, bringing her out of her thoughts. With the rest of her class, she rushed outside to get to her next class on time. Running too quickly, she slipped and fell and the world swirled before her.
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Date:August 9th, 2003 05:26 pm (UTC)
Connie turned, frowning. Winter was not her season. The ice, the snow, and above all else, the cold, all drove her nuts. Christmas was okay, with family and all. Remembering her family made Connie smile. The bell rang and pulled her out of her reverie, and she started walking towards her next class. However, about five feet in front of her, a girl tumbled down, landing face first on the ice. Rushing forward, Connie helped the girl up. "Are you okay?" she asked, gathering what the girl had dropped and handing it back to her.
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Date:September 25th, 2003 02:28 pm (UTC)
Both girls turned in suprise as one of the boys in the upper class slid by in a sitting position, grinning like a maniac. "Having fun with the ice, girls? I'd offer you two a hand up, but well..."He tried to get up, slipped, and sat back down again. Still grinning, he push-slid to the edge of the ice and stood up, brushing off his baggy and pocketsome pants. Then he very carefully walked over to the two again. "Thats better. Don't you just love this weather?"
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